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PostSubject: =Rules=   =Rules= Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2007 2:32 pm

hello to all guildmates...Smile
let me brief everyone about our rules and regulations...

1. friendly to everyone in game not only to fellow guildmates,

2. NEVER provoke anyone in other guild yet,

3. NO begging of items allowed,

4. try to contribute questies to guild if possible in order to rise our guild level,

5. borrowing of any items,
.(i)sign in and sign out when borrowed and returned;
.(ii)pressmission from the owner of that particular item;
.(iii)NO borrowed and quit guild, if you did that...
..(a)you will be in our guild KOS list;
..(b)ally guilds will help us to locate you;
..(c)once you login, you cant hide as you will be easily located,

6. NEVER agree with other guilds to start a guildwar without leader's approval...

7. ALWAYS check on Guild Notice when you log in-game. Any latest news will DEFINATELY be posted on the board.

that's all for now...enjoy yourself in our family and have fun in game...Clap

=Rules= Glitteryourway522182496bc
VaL (''v'') KeN
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