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 Some Freebies if u Need it

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Some Freebies if u Need it Empty
PostSubject: Some Freebies if u Need it   Some Freebies if u Need it Icon_minitimeWed Apr 18, 2007 6:05 pm

The Guild storage is full XD
So i cant put stuff inside, but if u need any items listed just ask me =D

I have:
-Layered Gaunlets>these are lvl30 green for male acro
-Merr Boots>green for lvl30 female mage
-Petal Helmet>lvl15 green for male merc
-MentalNecklace+3 and +1
-Entanale Sword
-Sorain Helmet>lvl 30 green for male mage

U dont hav to giv them bak =D
Ill update this wen i get mor stuff i dont need
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Some Freebies if u Need it
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