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 [Event] Mushmoot Rush [16.03.2007]

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[Event] Mushmoot Rush [16.03.2007] Empty
PostSubject: [Event] Mushmoot Rush [16.03.2007]   [Event] Mushmoot Rush [16.03.2007] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2007 11:10 am

Dear Guildmates,

We had a quick guild rush on the 16.03.2007. We'd formed a full party andwent fo *1Mushmoot Quest. Mushmoot is lvl45 and is well buffed. Thanks to piiNky, we hve come out with a way to kill Mushmoot. Use *2buffbreakers to bring down the buffs and start damaging it. All the best for the next party that is going to try.

Special Thanks to:
- piiNky
- KenK3n
- Oberon
- Sabimaru
- Andellia
- minibond0077

Well done and great work for those who have joined me a sacrificed your exps. A power-leveling session will be organised for these warriors.

Thanks so much. Smile

And because of this event, our passion spreads and we have got a new Assist, Andellia, joining us because of the unity of our guild. She is a FS and have very strong buffs. Welcome Andellia for joining us. Clap

*1Mushmoot Quest - The level 40-49 Dreadpet Quest.
*2Buffbreakers - It is an item drop from mobs. Used to nullify a target's buff.

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[Event] Mushmoot Rush [16.03.2007]
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