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 [Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007]

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[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Empty
PostSubject: [Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007]   [Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2007 11:09 pm

Searching for Gaint Syliaca

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00039

Attacking Gaint Syliaca

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00034

Gaint Syliaca is Dead

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00040

Found Gaint Greenmong

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00042

Killing Gaint Greenmong

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00036

Gaint Greenmong is Dead

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00037

After killing Gaint Volt in Rain

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00041

This is what you get for touching K.o.t.o.W Guildies

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00043

Cutiemage joins in

[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007] Flyff00052

Items we got for Hunting Gaints:

  1. StamRing +6
  2. Some blue stuffs
  3. Penyas
  4. Loads of Meat Salads

Items we got for killing that guy who killed Scael:

  1. VigorRing +6

Let's hope for our next Gaint in PK Event~ Wink

Party Effort (all light blue name):

  1. Akimoto
  2. Scael
  3. Temani
  4. Aan
  5. XiaoKai
  6. Cutiemage

Thanks for this run mates~ Clap

The next run will approx. be on the 15.04.2007. Stay tuned~ Proud

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[Event] PK Gaint Hunt [08.04.2007]
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