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 Watch Out For This Person ! ! !

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Watch Out For This Person ! ! ! Empty
PostSubject: Watch Out For This Person ! ! !   Watch Out For This Person ! ! ! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2007 4:34 pm

Watch Out For This Person ! ! ! Flyff00012

Guild members please watch out for this player. He spams, he
trash talks, and his definitely need to learn some proper English. We should
just throw him a dictionary and get his spelling and grammar correct. HA! He
was found dead later on. (refer picture below)
Dear Guild members if you ever catch him on your training
ground please inform AkimotO , piiNky or Me (KenK3n). Thank you for your cooperation.
Hehex Bleahx
~ KenK3n(Kingpin) ~ Together We Can Make It.

Watch Out For This Person ! ! ! Flyff00014

Watch Out For This Person ! ! ! 167b93e80267047e8a8bf5a9813a1f763.1
LvL 5X Acrobat ( Bow Jester )

Baby i just wan to let u noe i love u. <3 [Ken & Val] 14.12.06
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Watch Out For This Person ! ! !
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