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 How to operate Guild's Function

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How to operate Guild's Function Empty
PostSubject: How to operate Guild's Function   How to operate Guild's Function Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2007 2:51 am


When you first joined K.o.t.o.W, you will have the Guild's name and Logo on top of your character's name. This proves that you are already one of us Embarassed


Usually your first concern is Guild Capes. Please note that K.o.t.o.W only gives free capes to ranks Supporters and above. Rookies who wants a cape will need a minimum contribution of 10,000 penya and 100 Contribution Points.

At any point of time you happened to need a replacement cloak, please let the Leader, Kingpins or Captains know and pass them 5,000 penya. We will give you a replacement cape soon. (do note that capes are non-tradable)

Contributions for Leveling the Guild

K.o.t.o.W will level up as more contributions are made. By leveling the Guild, we have more options. The higher level our guild is, the higher drop rates will be distributed amongst all Guildies. As our level goes higher, we can have Guild War, Titles and also Alliances.

Guildies can ONLY do contributions in Channel 1. Procedures are as below:

  1. Go to [Public Office] in any town
  2. Click on Guild Warehouse
  3. Click on the Support button
  4. Check the little white box for Questies contribution (please take note that you deposit ALL needed questies into your bank first as this will contribute ALL your questies in your inventory)
  5. Enter the amount of Penya you wanted to contribute
  6. You can contribute both at a go or either one
  7. Click OK and congrats~ you have given pxp to our Guild

Thank you for your support Wink

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How to operate Guild's Function
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