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 [News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007]

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[News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007] Empty
PostSubject: [News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007]   [News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007] Icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2007 12:41 am

=[News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007] Untitled

=a lvl50 party=Clap
- piiNky
- KenK3n
- AkimotO
- impyish
- XiaoKai
- Scael
- Sabimaru - He got GREEN hair now~!!! Woo~!!!
- minibond0077

it took us two days to reached lvl50...
a special thanks to AkimotO to take care of party overnight...Lovey

[News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007] Glitteryourway522182496bc
VaL (''v'') KeN
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[News] hardwork of ours... [20.03.2007]
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